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We are a team of expert licensed locksmiths who has been in this industry for many years in Singapore. We specialise in opening locks of any kind, for your home, office car or motor, we can do it all!

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Round The Clock 24 Hour Service

We offer round the clock service because we know that problems may arrive at any time. So even if it's 3 am in the morning, we can rush down to your location or vehicle and open that door!

Fast And Efficient Service

From our experience we know that people when people look for a locksmith they want them to arrive fast and to be able to unlock any locks. Being in the locksmith filed for over 14 years, we pride ourselves with our speed and with being able to open any locks out there!

About Us

Ever since the issue of security rose up hundreds of years ago, artisans thought of making devices that can secure any type of doors, restricting them from being opened without the knowledge of the owner of the house or the occupant of the room.

Early designs of locks were made up of an internal mechanism composed of a series of gears and hinges that interlock with each other securely and can only be opened by the loosening up of the gears and hinges that interlocked by the use of a key. But these early designs were bulky and hard for anyone to carry or even install to a door. Hundreds of years after its invention, manufacturers reduced the size of the components of the lock and make it into a portable security device that anyone can afford.

Because of the fact that a lock can only be opened by a key aside from breaking the whole lock. The loss or the destruction of any specified key that is paired with a lock became a problem to anyone who suffered the said problem. The problem became so widespread that some saw its possibility as a means of business just like Locksmith Singapore. These people who selected a career to pick unopened locks were called locksmiths.

Our main job is to open locks that were stuck due to the loss of its key, corrosion or any other instances where the lock was stuck. But aside from this very obvious job, a locksmith also specializes in reproducing keys for a specific lock, duplicating keys and restoring a worn out or damaged set of lock and key.

A company such as the LocksmithSG is a company that specializes in lock-related services that is offered any time of the year and can attend to any of your lock related emergencies urgently for a reasonable price. The company composed of professional locksmiths in Singapore that specializes in solving several lock problems of anything that has a lock in it. They can unlock, install, repair and even upgrade the locks at your home, car, motorcycle and even any type of safe whether manual or digitally operated. Our Singapore car locksmiths can do that!

As on of the leading companies in Singapore that specializes in locks our company can be contact thru their emergency hotline or thru e-mail. The ease to contact with the said company makes it the top choices for Singaporeans anywhere in the country. And because of their wide variety of lock related services they can cater to almost the entire clients problem making it even more of a convenience for the client especially because of our cheap locksmith service. With the affordable service pay, even the poorest can afford the service saving them a lot of money from purchasing new locks.

The wide use of a lock system in the island, only show how the Singaporeans value their possessions from any danger of being stolen of destroyed. The convenience brought by locksmith services such as Singapore Locksmith proves to be a big help to those who are experiencing lock problems almost everyday.

Here are different types of locks out there.

Locksmith SG
Locksmith SG provides a fast, efficient and professional service in Singapore. We operate island wide and are open 24/7. Contact us to get a free quotation.
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Locksmith SG
Locksmith SG provides a fast, efficient and professional service in Singapore. We operate island wide and are open 24/7. Contact us to get a free quotation.
ery happy with this company, they were very professional and they seem to know what they are doing… All in all they were very professional and I will call them if I have any other problems. After browsing their site they also do offer car locksmith services, so if you need help with your locked car door, they may be able to help.
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Date published: 10/13/2013
4.5 / 5 stars